'Girls' finale: Lena Dunham ends HBO series in -- surprise -- Upstate New York

This has always just been a show about people struggling to figure out who they are and how they fit into the world. Would Hannah and Adam get back together?

The series' final episode, titled "Latching", serves as an epilogue of sorts. "Goodbye Tour" - which saw Hannah (creator Lena Dunham) let go of New York City and the nightmares and/or friends she found there - was Girls' penultimate chapter. (How DARE he). The series began with Marnie (Allison Williams) in bed, asleep, in a spooning position next to Hannah, and the series ended on the same image. As much as they comforted each other, they could also be toxic for each other as well. "It's the first one you can't take back", she says. I know many men, including me, have written bad things about how the characters on Girls aren't likable, a criticism rarely leveled against shows about terrible, rude men. I had to, right?

Alison Herman points out that the show consistently succeeded most at bottle episodes, rather than continuing story lines, and that, in that sense, the finale played to the show's strengths. To drive the point home, Marnie lists off all of Hannah's other friends, none of whom are there for her in that moment and declares, "I win". Dunham has always an acute eye for capturing character types - from Adam, a character so gruff and consistently shirtless you could practically smell him in the early seasons, to Shoshana, the fast talking, crazily dressed girl approaching NY like an excitable tourist. Everyone grows up on their own. The only discrepancy I had with the last few episodes is that it was always summertime, even when we flash-forwarded five months to Grover's arrival. But it's clear Hannah needs the help, as does Marnie, who calls in Loreen (Becky Ann Baker).

Goodbye, Girls. Here's to being Women in all our nuanced brilliance and fucked-up-ness. Have you even had time to think about what's next? The other possibility, I guess, is that the show was never really sure how to end, and this was just the best idea they came up with. Hannah isn't prepared to be a mother but neither is Marnie, and it seems, shockingly, that neither of them expected this to be so hard. Some of the show's best moments through the years revolved around the girls dancing, though whether they were alone or together didn't matter. The show's sex talk was only outstripped in frankness by its uncomfortably intimate sex scenes.

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But the story of "Girls" was also the story of Loreen. What makes this show lovely is how hard Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner, and Judd Apatow work to make sure the writing is true to the characters, even when the result is maddening to watch.

The episode, which has gotten mixed reviews from fans who stuck with the show for six seasons, was entitled "Latched", due to the central problem Hannah was wrestling with: Her baby did not want to latch onto her breasts to feed.

"Doing so is maturity, "Girls" has seemed to suggest", VanArendonk continues. They cringingly, carefully crafted a world where friends are shitty, often selfish assholes, where parents aren't flawless, where mistakes run rampant and consequences are real. Grover hasn't been latching, and she feels like a failure for not being able to breastfeed and properly bond with him. "I love you the most", she says to make her case.

There were two great scenes Sunday. Hannah tries to breastfeed again and when it doesn't work out, she decides that Grover hates her and gives him to Marnie.

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It's a telling moment for Marnie. Dunham was the headliner that summer evening because her film Tiny Furniture had recently come out to much acclaim-she was the hot new writer-director, someone stopping by this small reading on her way to somewhere much grander.

Jessica: Hannah wakes up the next morning to the sight of her mother, Loreen. "Who else is here!" Loreen snarls. "Fucking everyone".

During her walk, Hannah runs into a young girl who is fleeing, pantsless and shoeless, down the road.

Maybe, Hannah, you're gonna make it after all. Turns out, though, that the teen has simply run away from home because her mother was making her do her homework, and though Hannah was just equally whiny to her own mother, she lets the teen have it. Naturally, Girls ended with Hannah in the nude. But just like Hannah, you'll have a hard time appreciating her or her assistance at the time, for all the reasons you need her in the first place.

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"Even so, Framke concludes that, "'Latching" is, even for "Girls, ' a disorienting and bleak episode.

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